I am a student artist who dabbles in a little bit of anything… but currently im working on cartoonized characters, especially ones i can use for my store at Zazzle.com … Which is currently my way of earning money so i can afford to keep going to school for the arts!

So if you wish to support me and my progressive work, I will be thankful to anyone who buys something from my store. Ill also be sure to keep posting new stuff to my store on a regular basis so there is always something to look forward to!

And thank you to all who follow my blog and check up on my latest work.
You can find links to all my pages below!

ZAZZLE – GothiKandis

DeviantART – Kandi4Never

Facebook – GothiKandis TM

Youtube – GothiKandis TM

CafePress Shop 1 & 2

**You will be able to navigate between sites since i posted links on all my pages!**

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