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I Finally Sold Something On Zazzle!

Its only been 1 month, 1 day, and I only made a few cents, so if anyone on here has purchase one of my designs, I thank you!

So yeah, I didnt expect to sell something so quickly, cause it usually takes 3ish months, so im quite happy, and definitely will be doing what ive been doing to boost my sales.

Heck, I made flyers on took them to the mall and placed them on all the tables in the Food Court, and I talked to a janitor I know to have them not remove them for a while so I can atleast make a dent!
I advice others to do the same or similar. (just used multipurpose copy paper and colored ink, made a layout, Made It Legible, and handed some out too)
Fingers & Toes are crossed! =)


About gothikandis

Just your every day artist trying to make a living selling my soul and art on gear... AND LOVING IT!

2 responses to “I Finally Sold Something On Zazzle!

  1. I’m impressed with your drive! Congratulations on the sale and be sure and keep us updated when you put new stuff up!

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