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Join ExpoTV

Join ExpoTV

I joined this site a while back and have been very much involved in it. Its a site for anyone to make video reviews and do Tryologies (where you can get free full sized products in the mail and all you have to do is make a video review about it) and you can earn from 300 points to 1100 Points… The best part is, you can use those points towards certificates, gift cards, or more products… I have only made 6 videos since i joined and managed to make $30 in Amazon gift cards… AND it only costs 600 points to get a $5 gift gift card. you also start off with a few hundred points for filling out information and taking a few easy, super super short surveys on products you usually go for, and after you made your first video, you pretty much just earned $5 like it was nothing…

Just be sure to follow their rules (like – the video should be a few minutes long AND some videos require you show how the product does and doesn’t work…)
You still get the points!

And most of the time, you dont have to buy the products youre reviewing… like if you have it in your house, or a friend buys it… just be sure to use a lot of detail when explaining the products in your video, be sure to show you have the item, and be sure to watch other peoples videos so you know how to make a video will earn you those points!

Join thought this link! You’ll have fun, and get addicted to making videos like me!


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