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Do you want to be a Professional Artist some day… but have doubts?

The best thing any wannabe artist can do is doodle. Doodle everything and anything you see or imagine. It doesnt matter how it starts out and how it ends, it all about how often you draw and how much you trust yourself to make something youll be proud of. If you find that you dont like the outcome of your doodle or drawing, them start something new.

Another great way to start you progress into becoming an artist is to find images of cartoons you love and then try to draw the image a couple time (but primarily just draw to outline of the character and not color them in)
And one way to make this work it to start with the simpler cartoons, like character from The Grimm Adventure Of Billy And Mandy… The Powerfuff Girls… or even.. and old school Disney character.
AND, as your progress, try more difficult drawings that involve shading and coloring in the character.

And remember, draw only what your heart desires, and eventually, you may be great enough to make it more than just a hobby, but as a way of living!


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Just your every day artist trying to make a living selling my soul and art on gear... AND LOVING IT!

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