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Meeting New People

thats a win right there! lol

L&R Dreams

I had a dream that I was walking through town at night, trying to get away from Freedy Kruger. I wasn’t really afraid of him, he was just really talkative and I didn’t want to hear it.

There was this van parked outside a house. For some reason I decided to go into the house. Inside there were pictures of a girl dressed in goth clothes. They were pretty bad. Then I went outside and heard a noise out near the house. I ran over to the van and knocked on the door and the girl from the pictures came out, but older and normal looking. She had a flashlight and we pointed it into the woods and saw wolves running by.

The next day I walked by the house again and the girl was unloading stuff from the van and going in the house. I offered to help move…

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