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Sucked into the consumer spiral: How do you handle the craziness of consumerism?

Answer – you always try to use coupons, especially when theyre available…

because of coupons, ive only sent about $150 on all the stuff i have (which is roughly $3000 in worth)
you just have to be patient enough and work hard when you have the time and just wait for the best deals and keep up with your favorite couponning blogs!

Sabrina Garie Romance Author


I have no extra time so why is it that shopping has become increasingly more cumbersome, complex and time consuming? I can’t seem to ever get everything I need from a single store.  With a single shopping list that includes organic and non-organic foods, household products, pet needs among other needs, I hop from organic markets to Trader Joes to traditional supermarkets, checking off items as I go.

Part of its money (organics can get expensive so I have two stores for that alone), part of it is that they all have subtly different options–and as a spoiled denizen of the U.S. consumer culture for way too long–I want what I want.  Even Target, my go-to, back up store for everything, only caters to an increasingly smaller proportion of my needs even as it offers a wider range of products (e.g. mine just added a whole grocery section).

Ah, the internet you say is the answer, buying on line cuts through all of…

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2 responses to “Sucked into the consumer spiral: How do you handle the craziness of consumerism?

  1. Thanks for reblogging and introducing me to your site. Nice to meet you. Patience is key with managing consumerism, but the amount of ads that gets thrown our way does test that. Good luck with your art.

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