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New World War Z poster and trailer revealed


Zombie Apocalypse Monthly

WorldWarZ-PosterFor years, fans waited for a film adaptation of the Max Brooks novel “World War Z” and after production problems and reshoots, they’ve had to wait even longer.

Now, as we move closer to the summer blockbuster season, it appears that all systems are go and the film will finally reach theaters.

A new trailer for the film was released today (March 25) and adds to what was shown in the previous clip.

Brad Pitt is a family man with a wife and two young daughters when the SHTF and ant-zombies start crawling over every major city in the world.

When the world’s collective military can’t stop the problem, they send the aforementioned family man (who apparently works for the UN) to find the cause of the zombie plague and stop it.

This is, of course, what I gather from the trailer and not what I remember from reading the…

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